Austin Bible Church
8405 Cross Park Drive, Austin, Texas 78754
p.o. Box 142648, Austin, Texas 78714-2648

Saved by Grace

Prayer Meetings


8:30 AM Morning Prayer


9:00 AM Ladies Prayer 6:30 PM Midweek Prayer

Teaching Schedule


9:30 AM Colossians
11:00 AM Hebrews


10:00 AM Proverbs
7:30 PM Colossians

Austin Bible Church is a golden lampstand planted by Jesus Christ to shine the light of the knowledge of God the Father in Austin, Texas. Through the delegated shepherd-teaching of His right-hand messenger, Jesus Christ stands in the midst of this lampstand and provides leadership in our worship of God the Father in spirit and in truth. The pastor and other teachers feed the flock with the whole counsel of God’s word, line upon line and precept upon precept. We study to show ourselves approved, accurately handling the word of truth.

Photo of Austin Bible Church

Austin Bible Church is in Northeast Austin North of Highway 183 between I35 and Highway 290