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Dispensational Bible Studies

Pastor Bob has researched a number of authors on the Dispensation of the Fulness of Times. One such author was James M. Gray. He published a series of 104 weekly newspaper articles from 1901 to 1903 in a Cleveland, Ohio newspaper called The Union Gospel News.

Those articles were published in book form in 1908, but the only copy Pastor Bob was ever able to locate resides in the archives of Moody Bible Institute and is too fragile to be loaned outside of the Moody archives.

The New York Public library maintains microfilm of the Union Gospel News and Pastor Bob ordered and purchased a duplication of that microfilm roll. TIFF image scans were then made from the microfilm and those images form the basis for the pdf compilation of the entire series.

James Gray became part of the editorial team for the Scofield Reference Bible, and from that time on no longer taught the Fulness of Times as he did prior to joining with Scofield. Pastor Bob is not able to determine whether Gray changed his view, or whether Gray chose to remain silent on the matter so as to not cause a conflict with Scofield’s dispensational schematic.