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LaRosa Johnson

LaRosa Johnson

LaRosa Johnson & his family arrived at Austin Bible Church in March 2007, when they moved to Texas from North Carolina. The move to Texas was sparked by a career opportunity to work for a local Bible software company.

Having had his fill of denominations & errant teaching, LaRosa came to ABC looking for clear verse-by-verse Bible teaching without all the fluff. After the first visit, he knew that this was where the Lord had placed his family. Later that same year, LaRosa officially started his work in the training ministry studying systematic theology in the Pastor’s Ministry Workshop classes, and Greek early in 2008. He has been diligently training his gift of pastor-teacher since that time.

LaRosa became convicted of his spiritual gift in 1999, at the age of 17, when the Scriptures became clear and easier to understand. Through the Lord’s grace & perfect plan, the Lord prevented any opportunity for ordination under a denomination, although he continued to exercise his gift as the Lord opened doors for ministry. Now having the opportunity to properly train his gift at ABC, LaRosa is convinced that the Holy Spirit has given him the gift of pastor-teacher.

LaRosa currently serves at ABC as a deacon, where he heads the nursery. He also teaches 1st year Greek and on the Sunday Night rotation. Outside of ABC, he also maintains and runs an online ministry called Trailblazin Ministries.

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