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Old and New Testament Walk-Through Manual

This manual is written with the hope that it will help fill the dearth of material written on teaching evangelism, as well as facilitate for the busy believer a comprehensive chronology of Bible facts as they pertain to the Word of God

I have been teaching classes since February 1963, and also training several thousand people In the art of conducting these classes. The results in people won to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ has been phenomenal. In addition, believers have become aware of an overall view of the Bible which enables them to think through Bible content with instant recall.

Having been a pastor since 1958, I have used these lessons primarily In community evangelistic outreach, dealing with the so-called “unreachables” and assimilating them into the local church after salvation and basic grounding. The enthusiasm of individuals in these classes has always been inspiring, and offers a surrounding area approach to evangelism that is very effective. Also the content has been used in every possible situation in the local church, teaching just about every age group. The classes are adaptable to many different settings.

Ralph G. Braun September 1975